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We are HMJ Fire Safety Services, which is one of the innovative firm in the sphere of Fire Fighting Equipment’s and consulting services, initiated in the year 2019 in Bihar - India with the inventiveness to add new efficacy to the society.
Our core values represent who we are and what we stand for. Our core values are at the heart of every decision that we make. Our core values decide who we should allow to join us on this journey and the way in which we conduct ourselves every day in pursuit of our vision.
Culture and HMJ is a key component of our success, and we are truly proud to have a team of professionals who are dedicated to our core values- Thirst for Improvement, Be Memorable, Commitment to our team and clients, Passion for Safety.




At HMJ Fire Safety Services, we are Striving Towards Excellence & Professionalism in Safety by adhering to our values.
At HMJ Fire Safety Services, our most important aspect is the safety of our clients, Employees and the environment. We also strive to maintain the best safety precaution without any compromise at work place and projects. Our idea is to make the our and our clients home and workplace a safer place. HMJ Fire Safety Services operates with the philosophy that quality, safety and productivity work collectively to deliver greater value to our customers.
HMJ Fire Safety Services provides impartial service for all its clients for their safety needs. This simple attitude differentiates us from our competition. We are dedicated to fire safety and risk management within the home and workplace with by providing you with the best Fire Protection services available.
Products supplied by HMJ Fire Safety Services are all Government Certified and Recognised. Along with best quality products, we provide our unparallel service to maintain the best standard of Fire and Safety.

Our Mission and Vision


We are committed to raise the bar of excellence in the area of services and products in Fire safety sector. We believe in contiuously delivering the same by upholding the highest ethical standard, comitment & integrity.


Aspires to be recognized as an global integrated partner for saving lives and protecng properes in the fire and safety sector.

Why Choose HMJ Fire Safety Services?

  • National Accreditation and ISO9001-2015 Quality Accreditation

    We hold independently audited ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Certification. Our certification is audited externally each year to the international quality management standards.
  • Our Experience

    With over 10+ years in the industry, HMJ Fire Safety Services is one of the most experienced fire safety specialists in the country. We use our decades-long experience to provide solutions courses that are simple, effective, practical, and cost-effective
  • Flexibility and Clients First

    We first learn the organisation, safety procedures and equipment requirued for perfect fire safety solutions. We tailor our solutions directly to your requirements.
  • We Deliver What We Say We Will

    We provide first class customer experiences every time. Our team will put your requirements first and deliver what we say we will.