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Beam Detector (50M)

The Series of beam smoke detector is designed for smoke detection at the start of a fire. It is especially suitable for protection of indoor spaces, in which the appearance of smoke is likely during ignition of a fire, and where, due to a large space area, installation of a greater number of point smoke detectors would be necessary. The Series of beam smoke detector and the prism reflector or reflector panel are installed on opposite walls of a room.


  • - User Friendly Installation
  • - In built laser light for easy alignment
  • - Supports 5 to 50 meter range
  • - Option for Remote Indication
  • - Adjusting Screws at detector for precise alignment
  • - Infrared transmitter & receiver located in a single housing
  • - In built drift compensation for monitoring dirt build up on the optical system
  • - Sensitivity Threshold :- 18%, 30%, 50%


Operating Voltage : 24V
Quiescent current : 20 mA
Alarm current : 60 mA
Current at radiation beam interruption : 0.3 mA
Minimum Operating distance range for reflector : 5 to 50 m
Maximum Operating distance range for reflector : 50 to 100 m
Sensitivity thresholds (optional) : 18%, 30%, 50%
Power supply of laser target viewfinder (during alignment) : 9 V (6F22) battery
Operating temperature range : -25 C to 55 C
Relative humidity : up to 95% at 40 C
Dimensions : 128 x 79 x 84 mm
Mass : 0.35 kg

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