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Isolator Base

The Isolator Base is a bidirectional protection device to be installed between every 16 no's of devices to isolate the circuit from single short circuit and keep the system working normally except those short circuited area. This is non addressable device, having yellow LED indications on the base.


  • - Plug Type Connector for easy wiring.
  • - Low Standby Current.

Electrical Characteristics

Supply voltage (min) : 17V
Max Supply Voltage(Vmax) : 28VDC, 37VPeak
Nominal Supply Voltage(Vno) : 24VDC
Quiescent Current at 24V(Ic) : 30 mA
Leakage Current at 24V(IL) : 2 mA when isolating
Max Curent (through loop)(IS) : 1A continuous, 3A Peak
Isolating Voltage (Vco) : <14V>
Maximum on resistance(Zc) : 0.02
Re-connect Voltage(Voc) : 14 ~ 16V
Dimensions : (96 Lx76 Bx22 H)mm

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