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Eliprobe Archon controller is a gateway that enables to connect luminaires in a multi-drop RS485 serial (Modbus RTU) network. Network of multiple Eliprobe Archon lighting controllers integrate all luminaries across a facility to a central monitoring system.


  • - Web based platform for remote configuration and monitoring of luminaries.
  • - Online health monitoring of power supply, battery, charger system and LED lamps via RS485 serial Modbus RTU communication
  • - Remote control facility for ON/OFF and dimming of luminaries.
  • - Upto 1 year of health test reports can be stored in Eliprobe Archon controller and available for retrieval
  • - Reports can be viewed from Eliprobe Archon on - premise or using a cloud platform

Eliprobe Archon Controller: Specifications

Input voltage 24V AC/DC
Dimension 100mm x 100mm x 60mm (approx.)
Weight 300g (approx.)
Application software Web based GUI for Configuration & Monitoring, Ravel developed serial protocol master
Interface 1 x Ethernet port, 2 RS485 ports
Operating temp 0C 0C 60C
Rating IP 20 IP

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